About MSI


Medi-Syn, Inc. (MSI) was incorporated in the state of California in November of 1988. The company was formed for the purpose of bringing together a team of individuals with a wide range of talents and experience to provide receivable and information management solutions to the medical community. Our primary mission in providing these services is to enable the physician to maintain the absolute highest standards of patient care while responding to continuous change and external influences being brought about by health care reform.

Today, MSI enjoys service relationships with providers of nearly all healthcare specialty disciplines with practice sizes ranging from solo to group multi-specialty. Utilizing Medi-Net, our computerized practice billing and claim management procedures, Our proven record of accomplishments has helped hundreds of healthcare providers to excel in managing their receivables, information, and business organization needs.


Michael Gulko - President / CEO

Michael Gulko obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Management Information Systems, from CSU Fullerton in 1986. Upon graduation, he worked for a multi-specialty group practice with over nine clinics and $15 million annual revenue. His position as Administrative Director charged him with controlling costs and centralizing command and control for the rapidly growing enterprise. In 1988, he founded MSI with a vision of presenting much needed decision support, business analytics and revenue cycle management services to the professional healthcare delivery community. Over the last years, Michael has concentrated on cultivating his vision - creating an Internet-based, proprietary software and integrating it with a proven set of business practice management solutions. The end result - MSI has become a company driven to providing decision makers and caregivers the tools and services needed to excel in managing their receivables, information, and business organization needs.

Michael is currently the Chairman of the Board for North Orange County Regional Health Foundation. The foundation's primary mission is to extend healthcare education and medical services to the medically underserved community of North Orange County, through the use of grants and philanthropic donations. To learn more about NOCRHF, please visit their website at NOCRHF.ORG.

Mervat Morcos - Vice President / COO

Mervat Morcos obtained a Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, from Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt. She acquired a thorough knowledge of healthcare business operations in her capacity as an operations manager for various medical practices and laboratories. She has been with MSI since its inception, becoming an officer in 1992. Mervat has dedicated her skilled experience in clinic administration, receivable management, and professional organization to advancing business relationships with MSI clientele. With this expertise, Mervat often consults in medical clinic formation, structure, and operations. Moreover, her counseling enables our clients to become participants in a variety of programs and delivering the protocol necessary to support those programs. She is highly respected and sought after within the industry for her knowledge of the managed care industry, billing compliance, Medi-Cal and its episodic programs, and all circumstances related to payor reimbursement practices and procedures.

Mervat is also Secretary of the Board of Directors for North Orange County Regional Health Foundation. To learn more about NOCRHF and Mervat's role at the foundation, please visit their website at NOCRHF.ORG.

Mark Pritchard - Director of Information Technology

Mark Pritchard is instrumental in the operational management of Medi-Syn's technical information systems including planning, research, evaluation and networking. He has more than 15 years of experience in the computer field. His expertise includes programming, database and system administration, and training. Mark is instrumental to our continuous process to develop greater functionality in claims processing for our office and provide superior on line services to our customers.