Information Technology

HIPAA Approved Datasets and Transactions

All HIPAA regulated EDI transactions are conducted by MSI using HIPAA approved ANSI X12 formats.

HL7 Messages

Marshalling real-time data between disparate information systems can result in significant cost savings. MSI has developed data sharing applications using the HL7 messaging formats, that interface with a variety of hospital, lab and clinic information systems.

Data Transformation Services

Retrieving data from your current A/R system and manually entering it into a new system, is often necessary, but time consuming and cost intensive. When making this kind of change, the last thing anyone wants is a decrease in revenue flow while the database is loaded.

A better solution is to utilize MSI's Data Conversion and Translation services to analyze your challenge. Whether existing data is being moved to our Medi-Net database for Revenue Cycle Management services, or to another environment, we can transform the data to fit the new destination.