Training and Support


Episodic Programs

  • The special documentation requirements when providing services to CHDP, CPSP, Family Pact, and Presumptive Eligibility pateints
  • What can and cannot be provided to episodic / scope limited patients
  • Level and number of services
  • Managing the Managed Care Patient

  • FFS vs capitated services
  • Authorization requirements
  • Referrals
  • MSI Standards for Client Documentation Compliance

    Billing documents must clearly identify the:

  • Patient
  • Payor
  • Provider
  • Location
  • Service date
  • Diagnosis
  • Services provided
  • Inter-Office Communications

  • Handling of documents returned for non-compliance
  • The practice staff's role in aiding MSI in the Revenue Cycle Management process
  • Electronic methods for transferring information